d-RiskCyber is a global consulting firm headquartered in New York City and specializing in cybersecurity-by-design and data-protection-by-design solutions. We offer services which embed an innovative and proactive stance of security posture into our customer's core business processes. d-RiskCyber believes, for cybersecurity and data privacy best practices to be most effective, they must be an integral part of our client's business and product development and not just afterwards a responsibility of the IT specialists. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the use of remote office connectivity. The post-pandemic operating model for many businesses will be a hybrid of  on-premise and  remote access work. That poses unique cybersecurity challenges, especially for small and mid-size organizations and d-RiskCyber together with its network of technology partners is best positioned to deliver key services that will increase its client’s security posture. 

Our team is comprised of highly qualified risk and security professionals, delivering innovative assessments, solution design, and implementation services  tailored to our clients’ business growth and end-to-end security in mind.

We provide services to companies of any size and type of business:

Small family offices,start-ups, or mid-size companies that often are not able to hire a team of full-time security or privacy specialists and who find themselves challenged by the ever-evolving cyber threats and regulatory data requirements.

Large enterprises which are limited in addressing cyber security and data protection effectively as aresult of their non-agile legacy processes and systems.  

Throughout the client engagement process, our d-RiskCyber team becomes a joint task-force together with your organization with one mission: To ready your business to combat current and future threats and to protect your data. 

d-RiskCyber's by-design solutions are proactive, end-to-end strategies and holistically span our client's entire business and supply chain. They allow our clients to manage cybersecurity on their own or with the help of services we recommend after the engagement with d-RiskCyber ends.

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d-RiskCyber to launch its new corporate website by end of February 2022.

The launch of our website has been delayed due to the Covid-19 events. We are putting the safety of our team first.

d-RiskCyber is proud to announce referral partner agreement with Alyne

d-RiskCyber and Alyne are pleased to have reached a referal partner agreement for Alyne's SaaS product, which will benefit our clients.

Januar 1, 2022

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